miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Today I speak to one of my obsessions Minerals, in my opinion is an incredible force upon usaffects many different ways, and influence a lot.

Why does it work?
energy that can flow through its structure is unique to each. By interfering with our own
energy each crystal allows for a very specific frequency, and thus each has an application different therapeutic.

As used?

You can use both at home and decoration, such as jewelry.

Why clean them?

The mineral crystals, when interacting with our own energy and undergo alterations
"Burnout" and is very important especially when cleaning the glass with more than one person works.

There are endless varieties of all colors and shapes, I'll put you here some of my favorites:

Amethyst / Energy: gives you energy. Stabilizes your energy, mental and emotional, is a meditation and piety
an excellent glass that acts as a conductor of energy of peace and calm it helps to be stable

Onix / Depression: helps you take deciciones, to be taken wisely, helps achieve a state of happiness
and good fortune. Help yourself to be the master of your future.

Jade / Frotuna: It helps you in your walk with the Yin and Yan, balances the energy with the earth, is repellent anciedades
provides a state of tranquility, strengthens the spirit.

Rose Quartz / Love: Remove negativity, helps to restore a connection with your self. Provides calm, is known
as the Stone of eternal love brings peace and calm in relationships.

Lapis Lazuli / force: When you find yourself in times of pressure, acts as an amplifier of energy. It helps the body store their
best moments.

Turquoise / Creativity: Increases your attention and orders state your creativity, away from the states of anger to renew and
turn them into moments of connection with the environment.

Well these are some, that I like to me, if you search for information, do not go wrong I tell you (:

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